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Men's Dress Shoes

As dress codes change so does what we consider to be a dress shoe. Today, it seems deciding if a shoe is a dress shoe or not is in the eye of the beholder. Some people only consider whole cut or cap toe oxfords to be dress shoes. For others the dress shoe category includes wingtips and loafers, too. And others feel that anything that's not a sneaker, boot or sandal can be considered a men's dress shoe. Let's take a look at some of our favorite types of dress shoes.


If you thought that you had to sacrifice style to find comfortable dress shoes, think again. From oxfords to slip ons, there are many comfortable dress shoes in our collection, especially those from our chinafootwearcapital.com line. More recent designs of comfortable dress shoes include updates like breathable linings, fully cushioned footbeds with added cushioning properties, and durable yet responsive soles.


Few things are more elegant than men's black dress shoes. For a wedding or workplace, a lace up black dress shoe or a slip on black dress shoe is always a good choice. Worn with a black, dark blue, or a grey suit, black dress shoes are the right choice for a multitude of events. And for your most important occasions, black dress shoes have the gravitas you need.


A great choice for work or weekend alike, brown dress shoes are a versatile addition to any collection – every man should own a pair. From wingtips to loafers, brown dress shoes come in all styles and a variety of brown hues. Brown dress shoes are the perfect choice to wear with blue or light colored suits because of their complimentary nature. While brown dress shoes give your attire a slightly less formal look, they're still a great choice for many occasions.


Your biggest occasions call for your best dress shoes. The reason you choose your personal best dress shoes among your other dress shoes can be everything from its color and cut to quality or comfort. For some people their best dress shoes are a pair of black cap toes, for others their best dress shoes are brown penny loafers. What are your best dress shoes? Probably the ones you choose whenever you have a wedding, interview, anniversary party, or banquet to attend.