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Women's High Heels

Trendy High Heels for Women With Style
The perfect outfit just isn't complete without the right pair of shoes, and in many cases, a pair of high heels is the best choice. Women's high heel shoes can elevate your look, literally and figuratively, whether you're going out for brunch with the girls or attending a formal event like a gala or wedding. When you shop for heels in our boutique, you'll find on-trend shoes for any occasion, all at affordable prices that will make you want to fill your closet. (Go ahead: We won't tell!)

Which Type of High Heels Is Right for You?
High heels for women come in a variety of styles and heights, so you've got plenty of options. When you're choosing the right pair of women's high heel shoes, you'll need to consider a few factors.

First things first: How high do you want to go? If you love the look of being a statuesque beauty who towers over the crowd, a pair of sky-high heels for women will definitely do the trick. If you're wearing heels out for a night of dancing with your S.O., consider their height and yours: If you're already pretty tall, pick lower heels or they'll be staring at your chest all night, but if you're a bit vertically challenged, high heels can bring you up to eye level. Also, think about your comfort level: If you're not used to wearing high heels, it's better to choose shoes with a lower, thicker heel that make you feel more stable.

Also, consider the terrain where you'll be wearing these shoes. Sexy high heels might make your legs look amazing, but stiletto pumps aren't a good choice if you'll be walking on sand or cobblestones (a twisted ankle is decidedly unsexy). Save the shoes with skinny heels for flat surfaces, and opt for wedges or chunky heels on uneven ground.

Match Cute High Heels to the Outfit ... or the Outfit to Your Shoes
Of course, shoes are only one aspect of a killer outfit, so you need to think of the whole picture when you're looking at designer high heels. Whether you start with the shoes or the clothing, we've got plenty in our boutique to help you pull it all together.

Wearing one of our cute, casual dresses to an engagement party or a baby shower? Our women's high heel sandals are a great choice. High-heel sandals can be worn with almost anything you might wear a flat sandal with, so you can also pair them with shorts or a pretty maxi skirt.
Dressing up for prom, a wedding, or another special occasion? Try a pair of ankle-strap heels with delicate straps or laces.
Looking to step up your style and advance your career? Classic pumps are a great choice to wear to the office with trousers or a midi skirt with a blouse or sweater.
No matter what sort of look you're going for, chinafootwearcapital.com can help you make it happen with our fashion-forward high heels for women.